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Volvo L3314
2020-07-14 05:32:41

The German Army was in need of a good vehicle in substitution for the General Purpose vehicle and in response to their design competition, Volvo presented the Laplander to the Swedish Army in 1959...

Volvo P1800
2020-07-14 05:32:24

Volvo began producing its cars in the year 1927 and their designing and production of its P 1800 was not even in their imagination...

Volvo Viking
2020-07-14 05:32:09

One of the most famous trucks produced by Volvo was ‘Viking’ and the name still became famous as the letter ‘V’ represent the Scandinavian origin of Vikings and Volvo...

2020-07-14 05:26:12

Volvo produced ‘Titan’ trucks during 1952 intended for long distance transport and to meet the demands of the construction Industries who require transport of heavy materials...

2020-07-13 22:02:30

All the brands of trucks manufactured by the Volvo group are unique and are able to attract customers in different market segments around the world...

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