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Star 20
2020-07-01 11:20:42

Star 20 is a Polish-made medium-duty truck, which was mass-produced in between the model years 1948 to 1957 by the Truck Star factory in Starachowice...

Star 660
2020-07-01 11:19:49

Star 660 was a Polish off-road truck which had a capacity of 4.5 tonnes. The vehicle was produced in model years 1965 through 1983 by the famous automaker FSC Star...

Star 66
2020-07-01 11:19:43

Star 66 is a Polish off-road truck, which had a capacity to handle 4.5 tonnes. The model was produced in between years 1958 to 1965 by FSC Star Starachowice...

Star 28/29
2020-07-01 11:19:36

Star 28/29 is trucks made by the famous Polish brand FSC Star. Star 28 featured a diesel engine, whereas Star 29 had a petrol engine, which was also the last model of this particular type drive unit Starachowicka produced at their factory...

Star 266
2020-07-01 11:19:31

Star 266 is a 6x6 Polish-made truck, which was specifically designed to transport all sort of cargo and people. Created by the FSC Star at Starachowice, it is a base-model transport truck which was then used by the Polish Army and was also available for the civilian market...

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