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2020-06-30 17:28:42

The Rover Streetwise can be best described as an "urban on-roader". The Rover streetwise has a 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine, with an engine capacity of 1994 cubic centimetres...

2020-06-30 17:15:10

The Rover Sd1 or 3500, as it was better known - was an image of mechanical framework and an auto with enormous character...

2020-06-30 17:15:00

The most stem movements are normally made by progressives. It was Disraeli who gave the working man the vote, it was FW de Klerk, who completed Apartheid and it was a Rover that made the P6...

Rover P5
2020-06-30 17:14:51

Rover P5 has a crucial monocoque onto which the outer sheets shock, making it easy to blanket and unsound auto with new sheets...

Rover 600
2020-06-30 17:14:41

The new unit is called Rover 600-LE Luxury Edition, and as its name suggests, it’s about bringing the Range Rover to an alternate level of lavishness...

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