Toyota Sprinter Trueno

The Toyota Sprinter Trueno and the Toyota Corolla Levin are identical and small cars with a very lightweight and is a sports car that is very compact designed and manufactured by the Toyota Company from the year 1972 to the year 2000. This model was considered as a very high performing model and has a two door. It is a coupe with fastback. The Toyota Sprinter Trueno is powered with a 1.  

6-liter engine with 2T-G Twin cam and has two carburetors that are of double Mikuni type. It also has a manual transmission that is five speed. There was a very clear differentiation between the second-generation cars of Trueno Sprinter and that of the Levin. However, their nose design had a major difference.

The Toyota Sprinter Trueno also had a curved and sleeker design. Overall, it was a fantastic model, however was called off due to competition and other internal parameters. 

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