Toyota Premio

The manufacturer named Toyota sold the Toyota Premio in Japan and it is a sedan that is very compact and meets all the regulations concerning the engine displacement and dimensions (exterior) of the Japanese Government. The Toyota Premio is a sedan that belongs to an upscale model and is very luxurious model. It can be compared to Allion and Avensis of Toyota and is exclusive to Netz locations of Toyota. This model is also exclusive to Toyopet Store in Japan.  

Allion and Premio models were introduced almost at the same time by Toyota. Premio’s look is very elegant and is complemented by silver accents and a wood trim. It is a perfect family and executive car. It is best in its class and can be compared as an alternative to the Camry model of Toyota.

Toyota Premio is a 4-door sedan and is in existence since the year 2001 when it was originally launched and introduced to the world market. 

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