Toyota Noah

The Toyota Noah is an eight seater MPV and has rear doors (2 in number) that are slippy in nature. It is engineered by the Toyota Motors and was oversubscribed in Asia. Toyota Lite Ace Noah was its fore runner. The twin version named Toyota Voxy has a very low ground clearance.  

This model is sold only in Asia. It has a 154 hp type engine and takes about 9.8 seconds to attain a speed of about 100 km per hour or 60mph. The top speed can be up to 175 km per hour.

The ride is very smoother in this model and has a better handling than the previous model of Noah released by Toyota. It was first launched in the year 2001 and was actually positioned below the Alphard and the Estima and quite above the model named Sienta. The competitors to Toyota Noah are the Nissan Serena and the Honda Step WGN.  

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