SYM Quad Raider

A 4x4 drive type, sports utility ATV the Quad Raider 600 is 13% higher in weight as compared to any other ATV. This 2011 version is presently available only in blue. A reduction in weight has although been deemed as desirable by many as it is believed lesser weight enhances efficiency of handling the vehicle’s handle and impedes directional changes.  

A 565cc engine powering this version places the model within mid-size displacement class. It comes with a 4 valve liquid cooling engine and the 4x4 drive type refers to its ability to send power to all its four wheels when required or necessary. The front brakes are dual hydraulics and the rear ones consists of disk with parking.

The rear suspension on the one hand is unit swing arm, whereas the front suspension is an independent, double A-arm/ unit swing arm. An enhanced appeal for this ride is visible on every enthusiasts face, from the first look itself.

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