SEAT Terra

Seat Terra is a van with a compression ratio of 22.5.The engine has 2 valves per cylinder. The engine uses diesel as the fuel, and has a power of 48/4500 hp. The engine can give out a torque equals 83/2900 Nm. The Seat Terra uses 5-speed Manual Transmission, and it uses a front wheel driving system.  

Seat Terra has a wheel-rail type steering which operates electronically. It uses drum brakes at its rear brakes, while has disc brakes on the front end. The Terra can touch the speed of 100 Km/Hr in just 25.9 seconds from being at a standstill. The car has a maximum speed of125 Km/Hr. The fuel tank of Seat Terra can carry a maximum of 35 litres of gasoline.

In the interior it has 2 seats, 2 doors. The car weighs a low 855 Kg, and can carry a maximum of 1300 Kg of load. It uses 145 R13 tyre type.

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