SEAT Ritmo

The Seat Ritmo has a 1438 cubic centimetre spark ignition 4-stroke engine, with 4 cylinders. It has the capability to give out a power of 57 KW/76 Horsepower. The car gave a torque of 113Nm, or 83 feet-pound. The Seat Ritmo had a 5-speed manual transmission system.  

The car had a carburettor fuel system, utilizing petrol( gasoline) as its source of energy. It uses a naturally aspirated charge system for its battery. The Seat Ritmo is 880 kg in weight, thus being the minimum among other previous models of Seat Ritmo. The smallest Ritmo was the 1979 model which was 3950 millimetres in length, while the 1980 Diesel model Ritmo was the longest, being 3960 millimetres.

Seat Ritmo was offered with 3 options of engines-1196 cubic centimetres in 1982 Ritmo, whereas Ritmo 1.7 D (1980) had the most powerful engine having a volume of 1714 cubic centimetres. The car Seat Ritmo is equipped with only a manual transmission.

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