The Seat Inca has an 1896 cubic centimetre capacity engine, with 4 cylinders. It is capable of giving out a power of 120 Horsepower at the rate of 5600 rotations per minute. It can give a twisting energy of 630 N-m. The Inca utilises a 4-speed automatic type transmission system.  

The interior of the Inca has 2 seats, with 2 or 3 doors. The car consumes a lot of fuel, as it uses 6 litre of fuel to run for 100 kilometres, however in the city the fuel economy falls down to 7.5 Litres of fuel needed to run for 100 Kilometres. As the car uses a lot of fuel, it therefore gives out a lot of Carbon Dioxide, the Co2 emission being 159 Gram per Kilometre run.

The interior has 2 seats that have cloth as the material used in the seat cover. The instrument panel in the cabin has a grey colour tone, giving a sporty look.

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