Land Rover Series III

Land Rover series III were different from later models and they were off road vehicles. The series III vehicles were inspired by US built Willys Jeep. Series III with same body and engine option, they were most common vehicle built during 1971 to 1985. Later the headlights were moved to wings and the metal grille featured in other models was replaced by a plastic one in series III.  

The 2.25 liter engine was raised slightly increasing the power and the production of series III vehicles run until 1985. Series III had to face many changes and the updated design featured synchromesh on all four gears. The interior design was packed with advanced material and the simple metal dashboard was redesigned using new molded plastic dashes.

By 1980, four cylinder 2.25liter engines were updated by increasing the strength of heavy duty vehicle. The instrument cluster located centrally was later moved towards the driver side. 

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