Land Rover 101 Forward Control

The Land Rover 101 Forward Control  was a vehicle produced for the British army and it was never made to public. The vehicle meets the army requirement and it was specially designed to tow field gun with tons of ammunition and other equipments. The vehicle was designed using 3.  

5 liter Rover V8 engine placed beneath to the rear and the bonnet was equipped at the front making the vehicle look like cuboid. The name of the vehicle was derived from the vehicle’s 101 inch wheelbase and the driver seat was fitted above and slightly in front of the front wheels. The Land Rover wheels featured unusual for ground clearance and the vehicle was produced during 1972 and 1978.

The 101 FC served the RAF regiment and the British RAF used three Land Rovers. The 101 FC was also used as an ambulance and some 101 FC was produced with PTO powered Nokken Capstan. 

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