Honda XLX350R

In 1985 came the Honda XLX350R. It was the same like all the XL models, the only difference being that this comes with a higher compression ratio with a higher power output and a new electric starting system over the conventional kick start. It has the same engine as that of the XL series: 350cc, four stroke, single cylinder, Single Overhead Camshaft, air cooled engine with a new compression ratio of 8.  

9:1 and a higher maximum power output of 30 hp. It also replaces the conventional 5 speed transmission with a 6 speed one. There were slight changes in the suspension system: air adjustable front forks and adjustable single shock rear suspension.

The brakes, fuel tank capacity and the ignition system remained the same with front disc and rear mounted drum brakes; 14 liters capacity and Capacitor Discharge Ignition. Although these new features were expected to be a big sale, they failed to make any impact in the global market.

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