Honda XL

Honda XL 250, a 1972 introduced model by the Honda Motor Company is a 250cc four-stroke motorcycle. It became with its introduction first mass produced four valve motorcycle and also the first four-stroke modern enduro motorcycle of the age. This along with the later XL350 together laid a foundational basis for the upcoming revolutionary Yamaha model of 1975, the XT500.  

The terms associated with this XL are ‘enduro’ or ‘dual sport’, meaning that on the exterior it appears a dirt bike, also sharing similar characteristics with the same, but it is in reality Street legal and lives to serve purpose of off and on-road uses. As it comes devoid of any hydraulics, the bike is operated on a wholly mechanical basis. This 2500cc bike gives a maximum power of 24 HP at the wheel.

The weight with oil, petrol and grease amounts to a mere 288lb and comes complete with a 2.4gallon fuel capacity.

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