Honda NR

Honda NR is a racing motorcycle manufactured by Honda in 1979. NR stands for New Racing. The main feature of this racing motorcycle is that it uses the V4 engine. It has been released as different versions along the years. Honda made this model as their comeback to the GrandPrix racing championship in the ’70s, after 10 years hiatus.



-          There are two major versions of the NR model. The first version is NR500 model which features 500 cc engine that was used in the GrandPrix motorcycle racing championship. And then there is the second version, called the NR750, which features 750 cc engine. This improved version was released in the ‘80s.

-          The NR versions have become rare nowadays, and it was considered the most expensive motorcycles to be produced by Honda. The rarity of this model makes it difficult for anyone to find it, and even when there is one available, the cost would be very expensive.

-          In 2008, the concept for this racing motorcycle was unveiled by Honda to commemorate its 60th anniversary.

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