Gilera Storm 50

Gilera Storm 50 is a type of scooter produced by Gilera, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, in 2008. It has sporty design and it resembles the look of Gilera’s MotoGP motorcycles.



-          Gilera Storm 50 features 50 cc air-cooled 2-stroke single cylinder engine. It has an automatic transmission system with dry clutch and belt drive. It has 40 mm bore and 39.3 mm stroke. It can achieve 48 kilometers per hour top speed.

-          For the suspension system, it uses upside down telescopic hydraulic fork front suspension and hydraulic shock absorber rear suspension.

-          For the braking system, it uses 190 mm single disc front brakes and 100 mm single drum rear brakes.

-          It has 88 kilograms body weight, with 1230 mm wheelbase, 1760 mm length and 720 mm width. The fuel tank is capable of storing up to 6 liters of fuel in one go.

-          It uses electric and kick starter with steel backbone frame. It has dragon red color.

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