Fast Fords have been around a great deal longer than quick Vws. Recall the first Ford Cortina GT and Ford Lotus Cortina. In those days Vws still had drowsy level four motors in the boot. It really took VW an additional ten years to concoct the Golf, and thirteen to dispatch the Sloane's most loved alright yah Gti.

At that point, in the decades that emulated, snootiness directed that that quick Vws were for yuppies and quick Fords were for chavs.  

What's more the reality of the situation was that the Mk II Golf Gti was a finer auto than the Escort Xr3i. The Mk II Gti 16v was superior to the Escort RS Turbo. Lines were drawn. Handymen and plasterers wouldn't be seen dead in a Golf. Upstarts turned their noses up at anybody in an Escort.

At that point with the Mks III and IV Golfs began putting on weight and losing their notoriety for unwavering quality. While Ford had the dauntlessness to concoct a superior auto. So much better that when VW reexamined its Golf for the fifth time it utilized the Focus as its benchmark.

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