ford f150

The 2014 Ford F-150 is here and obviously, regardless it has a striking resemblance contrasted with past year's models. This may be a bit of a bet from Ford considering that its fundamental opponent, the Chevrolet Silverado , is donning altogether new looks.fortunately for Ford, the Ram has had the same look since 2009, when it was still under the Dodge umbrella.  

Anyway Ford is eager to move the dice that the F-150's prominence will convey its top rated status while sitting tight for the cutting edge model to land in a year's chance. Until further notice, Ford is putting forth an extensive variety of improvements to the F-150, highlighted by the presentation of the F-150 STX Supercrew trim and the SXT Sport Package.

The previous provides for us a full go of taxi choices that won't fundamentally be adverse to our wallets while the last is offered for purchasers searching for additional style and personalization of their F-150s.

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