Dodge Venom

Dodge Venom is a type of concept car produced by Dodge, a subsidiary of Chrysler Corporation (an American automobile manufacturer), in 1995. It was built based on the Dodge Neon model. It uses Cab Forward design and rear-wheel-drive layout.



-          Dodge Venom features 3.5 liters 24-valves overhead cam V6 engine capable of producing 190 kW or 260 horsepower. It has 5.2 seconds acceleration from 0 to 60 miles.

-          It has 2-door coupe body style with all-steel unitized construction.

-          It has 6-speed manual transmission system.

-          For the suspension system, it uses independent double A arms front and rear suspension.

-          For the braking system, it uses front-wheel disc with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

-          It has 106 inches wheelbase, with 182 inches length, 74 inches width, and 51 inches height.

-          It has 63.7 inches front track and 65.3 inches rear track.

-          It has P245/45R19 front tires and P245/45R20 rear tires.

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