Chevrolet Vectra

Opel produced Opel Vectra and it was sold under the name of Vauxhall Cavalier and then rechristened during 1995 as Vauxhall Vecta.  It was also sold in Australia as Holden Vectra and as Chevrolet Vectra in Latin America. The Vectra originally introduced in 1988 as replacement to Opel Ascona. The car designed by Wayne Cherry, the design chief of Opel.  

The engines use initially ranged from a 75 PS 1.4L to 130 OS 2,0L and due to the introduction of regulations on emission, Euro I, the base model had to be replaced with a 1.6L 2.0 engine.

During the years 1990 and 1993 four-wheel drive version and the car received a limited edition version that was turbo charged with 204 PS. During the year, 1992 Vectra had anew-front grill, a black plastic strip above the taillights and improved crashworthiness. Air bags were added in the year 1993.

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