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Lamborghini automotive articles
Lamborghini Urraco
2020-07-08 21:00:39

Lamborghini Urraco was a super car which was introduced on the road when the market was ruled by Porsche and Dino. The junior super car was designed using notable V8 engine and Urraco was designed by Marcello Gandini...

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
2020-07-08 21:00:31

The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, limited numbers being produced is a super fast car with exteriors made of main component carbon fiber...

Lamborghini Reventón
2020-07-08 21:00:25

Lamborghini Reventón was revealed at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show and the expensive road car was launched spending two million dollars...

Lamborghini Miura
2020-07-08 21:00:18

The Lamborghini Miura remains an icon because it is a super car with the engine in the middle. The glamorous, expensive car was the first super car of the modern era with ground breaking engineering and great performance...

Lamborghini LM002
2020-07-08 21:00:05

Lamborghini LM002 is an SUV, which was introduced in 1986 and the car was commonly known as Rambo Lambo. The automobile popular for high performance, LM002 was considered to be the first sports car vehicle...

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