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2020-07-08 22:12:35

VAZ-2111 from the house of Avto-VAZ is also known as LADA111. The car had a look similar to SUVs and was assembled in the country of Soviet Union...

2020-07-08 22:12:29

VAZ-2109 is just another exemplary car from the Lada by Avto-VAZ a Russian auto-mobile company. Like all other cars from the Lada series, this vehicle was also designed and manufactured in the country of Soviet Union and exported to European countries for sale...

2020-07-08 22:12:23

Avto-VAZ produced VAZ-2106 during the financial year of 1978 and this vehicle was in market till the financial year of 2001...

2020-07-08 22:12:16

VAZ-2104 was known as the medium-sized family car. These cars were known with the name Lada Riva in European countries. These cars hit the market and occupied a huge share during the financial year of 1980...

2020-07-08 22:12:10

Avto-VAZ introduced this model in the financial year of 1972-1973 after the huge success of VAZ-2101 and its Estate Version VAZ-2102...

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